K-5th Grade Supply List


Each Tuesday, the students will ONLY need to bring their backpacks (to take home any projects) and their lunches.  Please make sure all cups, bags, jackets, etc. are labeled.

Optional Books to Enhance Your Adventure (2020-2021 School Year):

Spanish: Sing ‘n Speak Spanish

  • K/1st grade – Level 1 yellow book
  • 2nd/ 3rd grade – Level 2 blue book
  • 4th/ 5th grade – Level 3 red book

2nd – 5th Grade:

  • Science:  Apologia: Exploring Creation with Zoolology 3 Land Animals (1st Semester) AND Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures (2nd Semester)* 
  • History:  Story of the World Volume 3: Early Modern Times
  • Geography: Geography Songs CD Kit by Kathy Troxel

*If you desire to cover the materials in this book in greater depth and detail, feel free to purchase The Student Activity Book, tests, and answer key for home use.